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Welcome to the Library & Learning Centre / Te Whare Pukapuka Wāhanga Whakapakari Ako

How to log in

  • To log in to an article, ebook, or other online resources, use your MyOP email address and password. If you are a Te Rito Maioha student, use your Te Rito Maioha login

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How to search

Check out our Intro to Searching the Library video and the summary below.

Search Options

From the Library search box above, select one of the following search options:

Search everything

You will find articles from journals, magazines, and newspapers, along with books, reports, theses, and more.

  1. Check the Search Everything tab is selected in the search box above
  2. Enter your search terms, e.g. stress health
  3. Hit Search.
  4. You may have a high number of results.
    Use the left hand filters to refine your results by publication date, source type, and more.
    * See Advanced Searching for more ways to refine your search.
Course readings

To see if there are resources specifically selected for your course (may not apply to all courses) and, in some cases, past exam papers:

  1. Select the Course readings tab
  2. Enter your course code, e.g. EDU501
  3. Hit Search

Narrows your search to mainly ebooks/books.

  1. Select the Catalogue tab
  2. Enter your search terms:
    to search for a particular book
    use words from the title and/or the author’s name.
    e.g. for the book: Communication in business: Strategies and skills by Judith Dwyer, you could enter: communication business dwyer
    ! Check your spelling. A catalogue search won’t find things spelt incorrectly.
    to search for a topic:
    enter keywords from the topic, e.g. environmental law zealand
  3. Hit Search
Te Rito Maioha search

This search is for learners enrolled with Te Rito Maioha (if you are enrolled with Open Polytechnic you can ignore this option). It operates in the same way as the Search everything search option, but gives access to all resources available to Te Rito Maioha learners.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need any support finding what you need.

Finding course readings

Searching Course Readings links you to resources selected by your course tutor that will support your course work and assessments.

For some courses, your search results will also include past exam papers.

  1. Select the Course Readings tab using the search box above
  2. Enter your course code. e.g. FLO301
  3. View items

Advanced searching

Access the Library's Advanced Search option via the link under the search box above. This gives you a range of ways to refine and target your search.

There are a number of tips and techniques it is useful to know about to make the most of advanced searching.

We recommend you watch our 5 min Advanced Searching video below which gives you some great pointers, including tips and techniques to try.

Don't hesitate to
get in touch if you need any support with locating the resources you need.

We also recommend you check out Finding and using good information.